It would be a dream come true to never experience any plumbing problems. Unfortunately, this is very rarely the case. Most people may need an emergency plumber due to a burst pipe or blocked drains. This is no need to worry though, Plumbing Ways & Contractors can help you. 


Plumbing Ways & Contractors have plumbers available 24/7 to ensure that our clients’ emergencies can be fixed as soon as possible. No matter what the plumbing emergency is, we  will do their best to help resolve the issue. Contact your emergency plumber when needed. 




How Does An Emergency Plumber Deal With Blocked Drains? 


It can be interesting to watch an emergency plumber at work, however, most of the time we have no idea what they are actually doing. There are a few different things that plumbers can use to unblock a drain but they often use a plumbing snake. 


Plumbing snakes are metal cables that are long and flexible, they also have an auger that is cone-shaped attached at the end of the metal cable. It is used to clear away drain blockages. Plumbers will often place towels or plastic on the ground first before unblocking drains as it could create a mess. 


This tool is used by feeding the end into the drain and then pushing the plumbing snake through the drain line while at the same time turning the handle. This is done in order for the metal cable to spin in the pipe so it can collect whatever is blocking the drain. 


If any resistance is felt the plumber will pull the plumbing snake out along with what was blocking your drain. Due to the plumbing snake’s flexibility, it will not get stuck in the drain. These metal cables are often 15,24 meters long. 


After removing the blockage from your drain the plumber will run water down the drain in order to flush out anything that was left behind. Once this is done the plumbing snake will be cleaned, dried and packed away.  




Emergency Plumber: What to Do When Your Water Meter Does Not Stop Running 


If your water bill has increased significantly even though you have been using the same amount of water as you normally do, you may have a leak that has been going unnoticed. Follow these few steps to detect if you have a leak in your home. 


The first thing to do would be to find your water meter. This can usually be found somewhere outside your home. Your water meter may be found under a plastic, metal or concrete cover in the front of your home or driveway. 


You will then need to open the meter cover. This can sometimes be difficult, they will usually require a screwdriver to open it. Once you have your screwdriver you should be able to easily open the cover. 


You will then be able to assess your water meter. You should be able to see a gauge which may or may not be moving. Once you have done this, turn off all the water in your home. This is important as once the water is off you will be able to see if the gauge is still moving. 


Once the water is off place a toothpick on the meter exactly over the arm. This will make it easy to tell if the arm continues to move. Wait about 20 minutes to an hour and then return to the meter to see if the arm has moved. 


If you notice that the arm has in fact moved and it is no longer exactly under the toothpick this means that you have a leak and will need to call your emergency plumber. This may cause a lot of problems, and waste water and money if it is not fixed as soon as possible.  




Emergency Plumber: What Are the Different Pipes Used Throughout Your Home 


There are five different types of pipes that are used when building homes. These pipes include PVC, copper, PEX, ABS and galvanised pipes. These are the most commonly used pipes in homes. However, not all these pipes are suitable for every situation. 


PVC pipes are used for drainage, waste and vent pipes. These pipes are used in sewage systems. They are suitable for low-temperature and low-pressure situations. This means that they are perfect for a toilet’s drain but should not be used for high-pressure water supply lines. 


Copper pipes are used for water supply lines. These will be used for sinks, showers, and bathtubs. These pipes do not negatively affect the quality of the water supply and they require propane torches to be installed. 


PEX pipes are also used for water supply lines because they do not rust or corrode. They come in three different colours. Red is used for hot water, blue is used for cold water and white PEX pipes are used for hot or cold water. 


ABS pipes are also used for drainage systems, waste and vent pipes. These pipes are made from acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. They are more durable than PVC pipes, however, they are not as commonly used because they cannot be exposed to direct sunlight. 


Galvanised pipes are commonly used for water supply and drain lines in older homes. They are no longer used in new homes or other buildings. These pipes often rust and negatively affect water quality as the rust gets into the water supply. If you have galvanised pipes in your home you can contact your emergency plumber to replace them. 


Plumbing Ways & Contractors’ emergency plumbers are equipped to help you with all the plumbing issues you would like changed and fixed in your home. We will be able to answer all your questions and advise you when necessary. 




Emergency Plumber: How Should Plumbing Systems be Designed Throughout a Home? 


There are a few things that should be done for designing the plumbing layout of a new home. Building codes have to be followed to ensure that a new building is design compliant. This will limit the number of fixtures that can be placed on one vent, drainage system in a single room, or where water supply lines and drains can be placed. 


When creating a plumbing design the plumbing system should include two types of systems. These systems include one that supplies water and one that removes waste. Drain pipes should also have vent stacks so that the drainpipes can breathe and move waste. 


When designing a home there are ways to save on materials depending on how the building is designed. For example, group certain rooms together that will need plumbing systems. This can be done by building a laundry room closer to the kitchen. 


Additionally, bathrooms could also be built closer to bedrooms. Drain, waste and vent systems and water supply are placed next to each other. Moreover, one way that can save water and energy is by creating a hot water loop plumbing system.  


This system continuously moves hot water back to a water heater. This requires less energy to heat water. This can also be done by creating a hot water system that is powered by solar energy or by using point-of-use tankless water systems. 




Emergency Plumber: New Innovative Plumbing Ideas 


Over the years new plumbing ideas have become popular. These ideas have either been developed for convenience, to detect problems or improve efficiency. These excellent ideas include:  


  1. Smart toilets. These toilets have the ability to flush automatically, include overflow protections, features that help save water, self-deodorisers, LED lights and self-cleaning features. This is great if you are concerned about your water consumption and hygiene. 
  2. Smart irrigation systems. These systems have remote meters and sensors that allow farmers to control the moisture content of their soil and they can use this system to know what the weather is. This can all be done remotely. 
  3. Hands-free fixtures. These fixtures are operated by sensors to allow hands-free activation. This increases hygiene in public restrooms specifically and saves on water and energy consumption. 
  4. Smart water-leak sensors. Leaks cause a lot of damage and can be expensive to fix. These sensors reduce the damage caused by plumbing problems because people will be alerted immediately when leaks are detected. You will be able to contact your emergency plumber immediately. 
  5. Greywater plumbing. This form of plumbing system is used to recycle water to be used outdoors. Grey water is held in a tank to later be used for irrigation. This will help to reduce water consumption and reduces the impact on the environment. 
  6. Speciality plumbing tools. For example, drain inspection cameras are used to inspect sewers. These cameras are high in video quality, they are portable and they are self-levelling. This makes detecting problems a lot simpler and less invasive. 


5 Questions You Should Ask Your Emergency Plumber 


There are many things that can result in a plumbing emergency such as a burst water pipe or service, broken or blocked toilet systems, a gas leak, roof leaks, storms or fires, flooding, broken hot water heaters and overflowing sewer lines.  


Finding a plumber late at night or early in the morning can be challenging enough but before you hire the first one that you find there are a few important questions that you have to ask them. 


  1. When you phone the plumbing company ask them who you are speaking to. This is important so that you know who will be coming to your home to resolve your plumbing emergency. 
  2. Ask the company what its credentials and protections are. Not every company will be licensed, reputable or trustworthy. This may result in additional problems and you may be forced to pay for the same job twice due to it not being done right the first time. 
  3. Ask the emergency plumber how long it will take for them to arrive at your home. They should provide you with a clear time for when they will arrive because these types of emergencies are unpredictable and anything can happen while waiting. 
  4. Ask the company if they offer their clients follow-up services. This is important because if the same issue occurs after they have fixed the issue you should not be required to pay them to fix it again. General maintenance is also important in this instance. 
  5. When your plumber arrives ask them to explain the process of fixing the issue to you. Have the company explain to you why they have sent that specific plumber. It is reassuring to know when a company has sent their best plumber for your specific problem. 


These important questions should be asked in order to prevent any future issues as well as to prevent you from spending money on plumbing problems that should have been fixed the first time around. Contact Plumbing Ways & Contractors to only receive excellent service.