Do you have a plumbing situation that you are not able to fix yourself? Have you asked yourself “is there a plumber near me?”. This is important information to know, because the moment you have a plumbing emergency on your hands you will need to know exactly who to call.


Should you find yourself with a plumbing emergency on your hands, contact Plumbing Ways. We are an excellent plumbing company and will be able to assist you with all your plumbing problems. We have 24-hour plumbers available in case of an emergency.




How Do I Find A Plumber Near Me?


Finding a plumber in your local area can be a daunting task. There are so many things that should be taken into consideration. You will need to make sure that the plumber is qualified and properly trained. The best way to find a plumber near you is through referrals and online reviews.


Plumbing companies often have websites, this is a simple way to see what other clients’ experiences have been like. Looking online is the fastest way to find a plumber nearby as well as all the information that you will need.


Make sure that the plumbing company is licensed and insured. This should protect you and the plumber if there are additional issues that arise after they have tried fixing your plumbing problem.


Why is it Important to be Aware of A Plumber Near Me?


If there are any plumbing problems or emergencies, it is vital to know about plumbers in your area so that you will not have to wait a long time for one to arrive at your home. There are so many benefits to using a plumber near me. These benefits include:


  • A plumber near me will be able to fix the problem sooner rather than later. You will not have to worry about waiting until your plumbing problem becomes worse before the problem gets resolved. The problem may even be resolved on the same day.
  • A plumber near me will only fix what needs to be fixed. They are able to recognise when something needs to be fixed or replaced. They will pick up on the signs if something is wrong and will know exactly how to fix the issue.
  • Using a plumber near me may also help save money. Having a plumbing problem fixed as soon as possible may prevent unnecessary water loss and additional damage caused by leaking pipes.
  • Using a plumber near me will also mean that they know exactly how the plumbing system works in the area. This means that they should be able to get the problem fixed even faster.




At the end of the day, using a qualified plumber that is certified will save you money. Using an unqualified plumber near me may cause even more damage which will result in having to hire someone else to fix the problem properly and you could end up spending even more money.


Hire a professional plumber from Plumbing Ways. We ensure that all our staff are properly trained to help our clients with all their plumbing needs. You will get the best service from our highly qualified staff.


Plumber Near Me: Why is Plumbing Important?


Plumbing in homes and other buildings is vital, plumbing can be seen as what keeps buildings functioning smoothly. Efficient plumbing will ensure that water runs in and out of buildings without any issues such as blocked drains or pipes.


When most people think about plumbing services they think of water-related services. However, this is not actually the case. Plumbing services include a few different types of services. These services include installations as well as maintenance.


Plumbing services may include installing or maintaining furnaces, heating systems, water boilers, washing or dishwashing machines, and geysers. There are many things that plumbers are qualified to do.




For example, if you have a pipe that is leaking, this may mean that extra moisture will make its way into your home. This can cause mould and fungus to grow which will result in health problems if this is not fixed as soon as possible.


Furthermore, blocked toilets or drains can affect your daily routines. This can happen very easily and if this is not fixed as soon as possible it can cause more problems and could even result in your toilet and drains overflowing.


To get this issue fixed, a plumber near me will be needed to inspect the drains to find what has caused the blockage. Once this has been done, action can be taken to fix the problem. This is why it is important to maintain your plumbing services.


If there are plumbing emergencies happening regularly, people should know who to phone. This is why it is important to know if there is a plumber near me. Plumbing Ways has the necessary equipment to easily find blockages.




Plumber Near Me: How to Save Water in Your Home


Saving water has become a very important part of a lot of people’s lives. Saving water plays a big role in taking some strain off of the environment and can help you save money. Follow these few steps to save money on your water bill.


  • One way to save water in your home would be by replacing any old toilets. Replacing old inefficient toilets with modern water-efficient toilet models can save more than one billion litres of water per year in the United States alone.
  • Replace your showerheads with water-efficient showerheads. In average homes, showerheads use 17% of their water. Replacing your showerheads with water-efficient ones can save a lot of water and will save you money.
  • Creating a shorter path for hot water to travel can also save on your water bill. The further the heat source is, the longer it will take for your hot water to arrive. This will reduce the time you wait for hot water to travel. This can be done by using a recirculating pump that will move hot water to the tap while moving cold water to the heat source.


There are many ways that people can save on their water bills. If you are looking into the different ways this can be done contact Plumbing Ways. We will be able to advise you on the best ways that you will be able to implement these solutions in your home.


Plumber Near Me: What Should You Do When Your Toilet is Blocked?


A blocked toilet can be very messy, with every flush water may continue to rise. Fortunately, there are many ways to resolve this issue. You can attempt to unblock your toilet yourself or hire a professional plumbing company to fix the issue for you.


If you decide to do this yourself, make sure to wear old clothing because this will be a messy process. Waterproof shoes will be necessary and a pair of rubber gloves. Move anything you have around your toilet out of the way and cover the floor with old towels to absorb the water.


Now for the process of unblocking the toilet, you will need a flange plunger or ball-shaped plunger that has a long handle. A basic plunger that is often used to unblock sink drains will not work effectively for toilets.


Place the plunger in the toilet to cover the hole completely to form an airtight seal. After you have done this you can begin plunging, start off slow then start picking up the pace. This will more than likely take a lot of time and you will need to do this multiple times.


You will have to be patient during the unblocking process. The suction will hopefully be enough to unblock your toilet. If the toilet unblocks the water will begin to drain naturally, and you will then be able to flush the toilet like normal.


Toilets can also be unblocked by using chemical unblockers. If you do not have a flange plunger this is another way you can unblock your toilet. This may even be an easier process for unblocking your toilet.


You can purchase commercial cleaners to do this. They are effective at breaking down organic material and this will make it easier to flush the toilet. All you will need to do is follow the instructions given on the packaging of the chemical cleaner you decide to purchase.


If you use a chemical cleaner, make sure that your bathroom is well-ventilated before starting the unblocking process. It is very possible for you to unblock your toilet yourself. However, this is a very messy process and can take a lot of time that you may not have.


It will be a lot easier to hire a professional plumbing company like Plumbing Ways. We will ensure that the plumbers that help you with your plumbing problem do this efficiently. This will save you a lot of time and will keep you out of the mess.


Plumber Near Me: Important Plumbing Aspects Required When Building A Home


Are you looking into building a home or redoing the plumbing in your home? With either of these things, it is important to know how your plumbing system layout should be set, as well as any important aspects that should be considered. These aspects include:




  • Make sure before you start installing the plumbing system for your new home that you have the necessary permits. This may take a while to be processed and approved, however, this is important as it will ensure that your plumbing system meets all the code and safety guidelines.
  • Make a note of all your plumbing needs. This should include where you want to install sewer and drain lines. These decisions should be made while you can still change the layout of the plumbing system. Once the house is built it will be difficult to change.
  • Also, make note of all the rooms that will need access to water. These rooms would include the bathroom, kitchen and laundry room. It is recommended to build these rooms close to one another.
  • During the plumbing process, everything should be installed in the same place. This will make any future repairs and maintenance easier. Appliances that should be installed close together include the water heater and sewer connections.
  • Lastly, make sure that you have easy access to the water shut-off valve. This will be vital during emergencies and it would not be a good idea to place this in an inaccessible area. This will allow you to quickly turn off the water in your home when necessary.


Plumbing installation is very expensive which is why it is important to plan the layout in a simple and convenient way. This will ensure that you do not have random and unnecessary pipes all over your home.


The closer everything can be to one another, the better it will be for easy access to everything and this may save you money in the long run. Hire Plumbing Ways to help you with all your plumbing layout needs.