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Whilst many of us will have experience of simple plumbing issues – unblocking a toilet, maybe patching a pipe, clearing a blocked drain – there are times when watching tutorials on how to fix issues is not sufficient and you need to call in a professional. In the Plumber Cape Town Guide, we will take you through some of the most common household and commercial plumbing problems in a quick, five-minute read so you know when to pick up the phone. We are only a phone call away so, if any of the issues arise, you know how to reach us. Anything plumbing-related can be resolved by a Cape Town plumber, and you can rest assured that you are in expert hands to fix any and all of your plumbing problems.




No matter how careful you are, and how well you look after your property in Cape Town, general wear and tear is a natural occurrence. and no system – however well-installed in the first place – will last forever. Below, you’ll find the Plumber Cape Town Guide on which issues will require a professional to assist you with. We can provide you with a Cape Town plumber 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week so you won’t be left stranded with a leak or other plumbing problem.






General Maintenance


If you’re a property owner, you almost certainly have a toolbox and a few things that you can fix, replacing washers, drain covers etc. However, something maybe homeowners miss is having regular property inspections for plumbing. A professional plumber in Cape Town will be able to look at the systems you currently have in place and run some tests to stop problems before they happen. A plumber who works with us in Cape Town will understand that prevention is better than cure – far easier to easily resolve a small issue before it turns into a problem that can be costly to repair, and even dangerous. Hidden leaks are more than just a frustration. Over time, they can build up until they cause structural damage to your property. A plumber will assess the potential issues and head them off before you run into bigger complications.


This might involve your plumber running several tests, for example checking the pressure of the water from the faucets, sinks, showers, tubs etc. They will also check the drainage time to see if there is a clog just waiting to happen. If you have any metal fittings, they will also check for rust and corrosion. This can be a key indicator of a slow leak. Your Cape Town plumber will perform all these routine inspections and more, to ward off future damage and save you having to call them out for a larger concern.


In Cape Town and, in fact, anywhere, one of the most common call-outs for a plumber is a dripping tap or faucet. If you’ve been kept awake, or tried to work in a space where all you can hear is the drip of water, you will know exactly how infuriating it can be! Your Cape Town plumber will be well-practised in dealing with these. Over time, washers on taps become dislodged, stiff, or torn. Whilst replacing a washer is within most people’s capabilities, your Cape Town plumber will be able to tell if there is a hidden problem, for example a worn or corroded valve seat – a more complex problem your plumber will need specialised tools to manage.


Another common plumbing issue which your plumber from Cape Town will have a lot of experience dealing with is a blocked kitchen sink. This occurs when fats and food get rinsed down the sink, rather than properly disposed of. The same is true of the shower, although the cause is usually hair. Your plumber will have been it all before though, so don’t be embarrassed. You can buy corrosive chemicals in Cape Town which can get rid of this problem, but the plumber will be able to tell if there is a blockage further down the pipe and locate it, alleviating the risk of a recurring problem. The plumber may also install a drain screen, to prevent the problem happening again in your Cape Town home.




If you have a business in Cape Town, you will almost certainly have a list of approved tradespeople to call on in an emergency. A Cape Town plumber from Plumbing Ways and Contractors should be on that list. No matter what size of business you run in Cape Town, having a plumber who is reliable and you can trust to repair your plumbing problems is vital. If there is an issue, it can make the workplace in Cape Town an unsafe environment and could therefore cause your business to grind to a halt.


Toilets becoming clogged is the most common issue your plumber will have come across. Although commercial toilets in Cape Town are designed to withstand more use, it stands to reason that, no matter what size of business you have, they will also see more traffic. A plunger can only do so much – call a Cape Town plumber to be sure you resolve the problem effectively and business doesn’t have to stop.





Persistent Leaks


These can cause all manner of problems. Your professional plumber will have the expertise to track the source of the leak and therefore resolve it at the origin. A slow leak will cause your Cape Town commercial property to become hazardous – mould, and rot can be dangerous to human health and cause respiratory problems. Get in a plumber to completely resolve everything and stop problems arising in the future.


Whether you are looking for a plumber in Cape Town for your home or commercial property, Plumbing Ways and Contractors are on hand, any hour of day or night to come and help you with your plumbing needs. Proudly leading plumbers in Cape Town, we will go the extra mile to assist our clients. You know you’re in a safe pair of hands and can trust us to fix any issues you might have.

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