Emergency Plumber: 7 Signs You Need to Call The Plumber


Many homeowners are guilty of occasionally ignoring signs of problems with their plumbing. A leaky bathroom tap may go disregarded for days or a slow draining kitchen sink may be allocated as next month’s problem to deal with. Any signal that there is a problem with your plumbing should not be ignored as plumbing problems can be wasting your water and money and can potentially lead to devastating damage to your home. We have highlighted the top 7 signs that you need to call the plumber immediately. When in need of an emergency plumber, Plumbing Ways is readily available 24/7 to assist you with any plumbing problems.




7 Signs You Need to Call The Plumber:


We often do not give our plumbing much thought when hot water is steaming out of our shower heads and we can give our garden a spray of water after a hot day. When signals start to pop up that there is an issue with our plumbing, we often try DIY solutions or ignore the problem in the hope that it will rectify itself. When you notice any one of these 7 signals of problematic plumbing, you must call a plumber immediately as there is a high potential for serious health risks, damages, or major inconvenience.


1) Water Leaks:


Leaking water can be highly problematic in your home as it can result in wasted water, a high water bill each month, and cause damage to your home. Major water leaks that result in water pouring through your ceiling, running down your walls, or pooling on your floor means that a pipe has burst and is a significant signal that you need to call a plumber straight away. Water leaks can also be less obvious and go unnoticed for ages until suddenly you find mould growth, rotting, and damage.


The easiest way to detect a water leak is to watch your water meter. Make sure that there is no water on in your home, that no one flushes the toilet, and that your washing machine or dishwasher is off. Then, simply watch your water meter for a few minutes. If the water meter keeps going up, then water is leaking in your home. The rate at which the water meter increase will signify whether this is a slow or significant leak. Either way, a plumber needs to be called immediately.


2) Low Water Pressure:


Do you find yourself spending ages in the shower trying to get the conditioner out of your hair? Does a dribble of water make washing the dishes an hour-long process? The inconvenience of low water pressure is a clear signal that there is a problem with your plumbing. The low water pressure may be a result of a damaged pipe leading from the main feeder pipe or a faulty pressure booster pump.


Low water pressure for your hot water is especially a signal that there is a problem with your plumbing. Your geyser is often the most likely culprit for low hot water pressure as the pressure control valve may be faulty, the outlet pipe may be blocked, or the inlet pipe to your geyser may be damaged. Consistent water pressure is necessary for adequate water use in your home and should be addressed immediately by a professional plumber.




3) Water Discolouration:


The water that flows from your taps should be clear and have no smell to signify that it is clean for use or consumption. Water that is discoloured in any way is a signal that there is a problem either with your plumbing or the municipality water. We have highlighted the potential colours your water may take on when there is a problem with your plumbing.


Red or Brown Water: Water with a brown, ice-tea colouring or that has a reddish tint demonstrates that the pipes in your home are rusted. This is usually a prevalent problem in older homes where metal piping was commonly used. You will need to contact a plumber to replace your pipes with PVC pipes.


Green Water: Green water flowing from your pipes can be caused by two significant plumbing problems. The first is that there is an algae build-up in your pipes which will give your water a green tint and add a strange smell to the water. The second potential cause is that the pipes in your home are made from copper. When copper begins to break down, it will turn your water green and will make the water harmful to consume. A plumber will need to be called in to either clean your pipes or replace your corroded copper pipes.




4) Slow Water Drainage:


Slow water drainage is a common household plumbing problem, which is why this sign is so often ignored. Slow water drainage in your sink, shower, or bathtub is usually caused by a blockage in the pipes. These blockages can be caused by a build-up of hair, food, oil or grease, and even certain cleaning products.


In some cases, a slow draining sink or shower is an indication that there is a problem with the pipes. Pipes that were improperly installed or have become worn or broken may result in the water not draining adequately. This plumbing problem can quickly lead to damage, such as causing your drains to overflow and flood your home or cause damage by leaking in your walls. Whether it is a simple to fix for a blocked drain or a more serious piping problem, you should always have a plumber assess any slow drainage in your home immediately.


5) Weird Smell:


Weird smells in your home always require immediate investigation. An unfamiliar smell may be something dangerous, such as a gas leak, or something as simple as a full trash can. If these are not the sources of the weird smell, this is a signal that there is a problem with your plumbing.


If you notice a damp, stale, or musty smell in your home, you may have mould growing from a leaking pipe in your walls or ceiling. Smelling raw sewerage will indicate that sewerage is leaking out of your sewerage pipes leading to the sewerage system. An odour coming directly from your drains will indicate a rotting food blockage or a bacteria build-up in the pipes. If you notice any strange smells in your home, contact a plumber straight away to assess your plumbing to reduce the risk to your health that these plumbing problems can cause.


6) No Water:


Coming home from a session at the gym or a long day at work and finding that you have no water is inconvenient and can be a stressful situation to find yourself in. Sometimes having no water is a fault of the municipalities, which you can easily find out about by asking your neighbours if they have water or by checking for any notices online of water problems in your area. If it is not a municipality problem, then having no water is a serious signal that there is a problem with your plumbing.


If there is no water coming through your one pipe, it means that the pipe is either broken or severely blocked. If there is no water coming through any of your pipes, it means that there is a major problem with your supply line from the main water feeder. Both of these cases require the professional assistance of a plumber to ensure your home has water again.


7) Overflowing Toilet:


If you flush your toilet and find the water rising and starting to overflow, you have a serious plumbing problem on your hands. Overflowing toilets are caused by blockages in the toilet bowl, drainpipe, or sewer line. Blockages can be caused by flushing too much toilet paper at once or having unsuitable items flushed down the toilet, such as wet wipes or feminine hygiene products.


An overflowing toilet is not a plumbing problem to ignore. Water that overflows out of your toilet may contain sewerage or otherwise be contaminated and will create a health risk in your home. Contact an emergency plumber immediately and they will advise you on the steps you need to take and then arrive to solve the problem.




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