Having well-functioning plumbing throughout your home is a necessity. No one wants to have the extra stress of having blocked drains or burst pipes added to their already busy schedules. Thankfully you will be able to hire an emergency plumber from Plumbing Ways & Contractors to fix these problems for you. This guide is here to answer all your questions regarding emergency plumbing services.


Plumbing Ways & Contractors offer services such as drain unblocking, leak detection and repairs, geyser installation and repairs, water temperature balancing and so much more. They also offer 24-hour emergency plumbing services.




How to Choose the Best Emergency Plumber


Choosing the best emergency plumber is an important decision to make when faced with a plumbing emergency. The last thing that anyone would want is to be stuck with a plumber who is unsure of what to do or who will make the situation worse.


To ensure that you make the right decision when choosing a plumber follow this list of helpful advice.


1)Always Check First:


Check reviews and their qualifications, make sure you know who you are speaking to and who will be conducting the repairs. Be cautious when receiving quotes over the phone. Use a local emergency plumber, and make sure they have insurance and 24-hour coverage and create shortlists.


Look up the plumbing company’s reviews and qualifications. Finding out from third-party reviews about the quality of the work the company has done is one of the best ways to choose the best company. Make sure that the plumbing company has a valid plumbing licence.


2)Ask For Names:


If the plumber does not have a licence this may result in poor quality work or more damages. Additionally, when you phone a plumbing company, ask for the name of the person you are speaking to and for the name of the plumber that will be sent to help you.


This will give you peace of mind during your plumbing emergency, especially if this occurs late at night or while you are away on holiday. When speaking with the company over the phone, refrain from requesting quotes.


3)Be Mindful Of Estimations:


It is impossible for the plumber to know the exact damage until everything has been assessed, therefore you will not receive an accurate estimate of how much it will cost to fix your plumbing-related problem.




Moreover, bigger companies may not have local plumbers near your area to help you outside of their normal working hours. This is why it is important to look into hiring a local plumber. Local plumbers may arrive sooner and they may be familiar with the plumbing codes and regulations in your area.


4)Insurance Is Important:


Another important thing to be sure of before hiring an emergency plumber is that they have insurance. This will ensure that you and the plumber are protected in case of other problems occurring such as the initial repairs being unsuccessful.


If the company you use does not have insurance you may find yourself spending even more money if the initial repairs do not go well. Also, look into whether the company offers 24-hour services.


5)Be Mindful Of Time Restraints:


Emergency plumbing services do not always provide 24-hour assistance. These plumbers may only work during specific working hours, while 24-hour plumbers will arrive to help you at any time of the morning or evening.


6)Keep A List:


Lastly, make a shortlist of emergency plumbers in case you ever need one. In the case of emergencies, people do not always make the correct decisions, so it will help if you have an emergency plumbing issue if you will already have a list of people to phone.


There will be no need for you to frantically look for plumbers who are available 24 hours, while the issue continues to get worse. Plumbing Ways & Contractors will be able to help you and guarantee top-quality repairs.


Know When to Call An Emergency Plumber


There are a few clear signs that let people know that it is time to give the emergency plumber a call. These signs include:


Sagging Ceilings – discolouration on ceilings can indicate a leak. Once you notice this it is important to have it assessed as it can lead to ceilings collapsing. The longer you wait to have this repaired the more damage will occur and it will cost more.


Water leaks – not all leaks mean that there is a major issue but these leaks can affect the integrity of buildings. Some leaks are not noticed until there is excessive damage, mould and mildew. This will cause serious health problems if the damage is not fixed.


Decreased water pressure – damaged water pipes can cause a decrease in water pressure. This generally only affects one area in a building unless the water pipes are clogged. Homes often have pressure-regulating valves. When these valves are damaged it causes the water to decrease or increase.


Water stains on ceiling or walls – water stains normally occur after a leak has been present for a while. The stains are a result of water soaking into ceilings or walls.


Clogged drains – this is caused by hair and other products getting stuck in drains. Try to remove hair from your drains as often as possible to prevent them from getting clogged. In more serious cases tree roots may grow through cracks and cause blockages. Signs of blocked/clogged drains include water bubbling, water puddles and water draining slowly.


Pipes that are damaged or burst – this will cause flooding if it is not fixed. Flooding may cause even more damage to your home. Even only having one burst pipe can release large amounts of water. If this is not fixed immediately your home will not only be damaged but you will be left with an excessively high water bill.


Overflowing toilet – this can occur due to clogged pipes or the float mechanism may be damaged.


Water heater failure – this will result in your home only having cold water available. This is not something that you would want to deal with, especially during winter.




What Does An Emergency Plumber Do?


An emergency plumber is hired to deal with any plumbing issues that need attention immediately such as a burst pipe or not having any running water. These emergencies are frustrating and often occur when least expected.


These issues cause people a lot of unnecessary stress and can cause damage to their homes. In these situations, it is beneficial to have the number of a plumbing company that you trust to fix your plumbing issues.


Some people may want to attempt to fix these issues on their own. This may cause other problems if they do not have knowledge of plumbing. The problem may not seem as small as you think and small problems may become worse over time.


Putting off hiring an emergency plumber may result in even more issues that will need to be fixed. These plumbers will be able to do thorough leak detection and assess any other potential issues that have occurred.


A plumbing emergency would be classified when turning off the main line of water to your home does not fix the presenting issue. These issues would include your water heater tank failing, major leaks, burst pipes and sewer systems that are backed up.




How Much Does An Emergency Plumber Charge?


On average 24-hour plumbing services have an emergency call out fee of R750 per hour. While some have call out fees ranging from R500 an hour to R1000 an hour. This often depends on what the plumbing problem is and the time of day you need the plumber.


It is important that you request quotes from many different companies to get the best price available for your issue but still keep in mind that affordable does not always mean better. You will also need to do your research on the quality of work of the plumbers you are thinking of using.


During normal working hours, plumbers usually charge an average of R500 an hour. These types of quotes will depend on how complex the repairs will be and can only be established after a thorough assessment has been done.


For additional services such as geyser installations, plumbers charge on average between R2000 to R2300. This will depend on where the geyser will be installed, where you are located and other additional requirements.


Here at Plumbing Ways & Contractors, we charge our clients R650 for drain unblocking, R1350 for leak detection, R6500 for geyser replacements and R12800 for solar geyser installations. We offer our clients competitive rates, work efficiently and offer 24-hour emergency plumbers.




Emergency Plumber: What Are the Benefits of Regular Plumbing?


Making use of regular plumbing services may not always be necessary but it can be beneficial. This may make you aware of plumbing issues that can go unnoticed until the damage gets worse.


Using plumbing services may improve water quality, reduce your water bill, provide better water pressure, increase the lifespan of the plumbing system in your home, and improve your general health as leaks cause moisture buildup that can lead to the growth of mould.


Additionally, regularly using plumbing services may also reduce potential plumbing emergencies and improve the value of your home. Regular maintenance on your plumbing system will keep it functioning optimally. Therefore, regular plumbing maintenance will increase the value of your home.




Emergency Plumber: About Plumbing Ways & Contractors


Plumbing Ways & Contractors is a licensed plumbing company. We offer a wide range of general and specialised services across Cape Town, this includes 24-hour emergency plumbing services.


You will be able to rely on Plumbing Ways & Contractors to help you with unblocking your drains, fixing broken pipes and leaking toilets, or installing a new geyser. Plumbing Ways & Contractors are leading plumbers in Cape Town and we strive to do our best to resolve your plumbing issues.


Home and business owners in Cape Town can make use of our services. Plumbing Ways & Contractors will have a professional plumber or team of plumbers available to provide you with the best plumbing services.


Whether your plumbing job is large or small you will receive high-quality service. Clients will not be disappointed when hiring an emergency plumber through us. We work incredibly hard when it comes to providing the best services to our clients.


We specialise in emergency plumbing, industrial, commercial domestic plumbing, gas and solar geyser installations, and maintenance services. Clients will be able to have all their plumbing needs met through one company.


Once you have contacted Plumbing Ways & Contractors, our plumbers will be sent to you to evaluate your plumbing needs. We will then discuss a plan of action, and solutions that are affordable but also of good quality with you.


We offer our clients free quotes and insurance policies. Enlist the help of our trained professionals for all your plumbing needs and rest assured knowing that Plumbing Ways & Contractors has your back.