Have you ever asked yourself the question; “Is there a reliable plumber near me?” Perhaps you’ve tried fixing plumbing emergencies yourself? This can be very messy and you may cause even more damage. Using a plumber near me is an amazing option as a professional plumber will know how to fix the problem. Being aware of plumbers near you is vital for fixing emergencies quickly. Read through this article to learn why you should be enlisting the help of a plumber near you for all your plumbing emergencies.


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What Criteria Should I Look For When Hiring a Plumber Near Me?


When hiring a plumber near me, there are a few things that are important to look out for. Price is not the only thing that people should take into account when hiring a plumber. It is important to find a plumber whose advice you trust and who provides effective results.


If your geyser has burst or if you have clogged drains, you will not have time to think about which plumbing company to hire. Follow these seven tips to ensure that you hire the best plumber near you.


  1. Ask if your plumber is licensed and has insurance. This is important in case the plumbing job goes completely wrong. If your plumber is not licensed, they may not have the necessary skills or experience which may cause even more damage.
  2. Ask your plumber how long they have been working in the industry. It is important to hire someone who has a lot of plumbing experience. Companies that have been in the industry for many years are more likely to hire plumbers with positive, trustworthy reputations.
  3. Make sure to read the company’s reviews and references. Do not rely on the company’s website or advertisements. An online search can help you find accurate reviews of the plumber you are thinking about hiring.
  4. Ask the company for quotes before hiring a plumber. Plumbers will assess the situation first before they are able to provide you with a quote. Before any work is done make sure to get the quote first.
  5. Ask your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours if they have plumbers they recommend. Asking people you know is one of the easiest ways to find an excellent plumber.
  6. Ask around for professional referrals. Ask your electrician or A/C technician if they have heard of the plumber you would like to use and if they would recommend using the plumber.
  7. After finding a plumber near me the next step is to compare the plumber to competing plumbers. It is important to compare different companies’ prices and services with one another in order to find the best one for you.




Following these steps are important for finding an effective plumber near me. If you are unable to find the above information about a plumbing company it is recommended that you avoid using that company.


Doing the Job Yourself Vs Hiring a Plumber Near Me


When plumbing problems occur it is easy to think that watching a video online will give you the necessary skills to fix the problem. For smaller repairs, this can be done such as fixing a clogged drain. However, this is not the case for larger problems like burst pipes.


Trying to fix the problem on your own may potentially make the problem worse or cause even more problems. Professional plumbers are trained, they have the necessary equipment and they are experienced.


It is possible to fix certain plumbing problems yourself, however, it can be dangerous attempting to handle all plumbing problems on your own. Keep reading for a list of plumbing problems that you can fix on your own and problems you should call a professional for.




  • Clogged drains can be fixed without calling a plumber near me. This can be done by using a plastic snake or rubber plunger on the drain. Depending on the situation, plungers do not always work. If you have unsuccessfully tried unclogging the drain you will need to call a plumber.
  • Any leaking pipe should be fixed by a plumber near me. This may look simple enough to fix, however, this is not always the case. Leaking pipes may need to be replaced which will require specific equipment and plumbing skills.
  • Installing a new faucet or showerhead is possible to do yourself. This process is tricky but step-by-step instructions can be found online. It may just be easier to call a plumber on this one to avoid damaging anything and the overall hassle.
  • Any renovation projects will require an experienced plumber. Changing the layout of your bathroom or kitchen will be impossible to do yourself unless you have the skills and experience. Using a plumber near me who has the skills will make this process easy.
  • Struggling with an overflowing toilet? No problem, that can be fixed by you. You will need to turn off the shut-off valve in the toilet tank. If your toilet continues to overflow then you will know that it is time to call a plumber.
  • If you would like to replace or move a water appliance you need to call a plumber. A plumber near me will have the equipment needed for the job. If you attempt to do this on your own you risk damaging your home or hurting yourself.


There are definitely plumbing problems that can be fixed by you but in many cases, it is recommended for your safety and for the safety of your home or business that you call a plumber.


If you attempt to fix the problem yourself things may get worse. Leaking pipes that are left too long will waste a lot of water and may cause mould and mildew. This will result in extra repairs that will need to be fixed.




Furthermore, saving money is important, however, having a plumber near me to fix the problem the first time around may work out cheaper than trying to fix it alone. Having a professional plumber working on your plumbing problems will also put you at ease.


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Plumber Near Me: Why is it Important to Use a Plumber?


Being aware of a plumber near me can save a lot of time and hassle in emergency situations. Using a plumber to fix issues around your home or business will also ensure that your plumbing systems run smoothly.


Professional plumbers have the necessary training to make sure that everything in a plumbing system is running efficiently which will help with longevity. Plumbers are trained to spot problems and they have the training and skills to know exactly how to fix these problems.




Using a plumber is important because this will ensure that problems are assessed and fixed before they become worse and potentially cause further problems. The benefits of using a plumber include


  • Expert advice and guidance. Professional plumbers will save you time trying to figure out what problems have occurred. They will guide you with regard to the best solutions to your plumbing problems.
  • Safety. Professionals have the expertise to resolve your problems safely. There are many dangers that can occur if you attempt to fix certain issues yourself. You may be exposed to dangers such as flammable products and other hazardous materials.
  • Professional equipment. Plumbers will have all the necessary tools needed to fix your problem on hand. Plumbing tools can be expensive and if you try to fix these problems on your own you may spend a lot of money trying to do so.
  • In plumbing emergencies time is important. Flooding, discoloured or strange-smelling water can cause a lot of problems. Professional plumbers will know exactly how to fix these issues and they will work quickly to fix them.
  • Affordability. Hiring a professional plumber that will resolve your problems the first time will save you a lot of money compared to hiring someone who has an idea of how to fix the issue.


Plumber Near Me: About Plumbing Ways


Plumbing Ways is a reputable plumbing company based in Cape Town. We have plumbers that are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and we charge the same rates no matter what time you hire a plumber.


We have various plumbing services available to our clients from unblocking drains to installing geysers. No matter what the plumbing job is, our team will help you. We offer our services to commercial and domestic clients.


We have ensured that all our clients have received the best services. This has helped us gain the confidence and trust of our clients. We pride ourselves on the services we provide our clients whether it is fixing a small leak or redoing the plumbing system of a home or business.


Our experienced plumbers are always ready to provide our excellent services no matter the time of day. Once you have contacted us with regard to your problem our plumbers will be sent to your home or business to assess the problem.


They will explain the situation to you and recommend the best plan to move forward. Our company offers prices that are competitive, we do not charge our clients for quotes and we do not charge clients if their problems are not fixed.


We also pride ourselves on using the best technology and equipment in the plumbing industry. We provide our clients with top-quality results and fast turnaround times. Our highly skilled and trained plumbers will make sure that your problem is fixed as soon as possible.


Plumber Near Me: What Services Does Plumbing Ways Offer?


At Plumbing Ways we offer various different services to ensure that we can help our clients with every plumbing situation. We offer emergency services, industrial, commercial and domestic plumbing, and gas and solar geyser installations and maintenance.


Our emergency services include burst pipes and geysers, blocked drains, no hot water and no water, broken mixers and taps, low water pressure, underground water leaks, and running water metres.


Our industrial, commercial and domestic services include bathroom and kitchen remodelling, plumbing for new buildings, balancing hot and cold water systems, tank and pump installations, swimming pool services and so much more.


Our gas and solar geyser installation and maintenance services include leak and pipe detection, pipe freezing, drain camera inspections, drain jetting services, heater services and installations, and heat pump and boiler services.


What makes our company even more amazing and an all-round business is that we also offer extra services such as tilling, carpentry, painting, building, electrical, skimming, paving and rock plaster.


We have created an all-round company so that our clients can receive all the services they need for their homes and businesses from one place. Contact Plumbing Ways today for your free quote and we will guarantee that you will receive only the best.