Building your own home can be the dream for many, but it isn’t as straightforward as it may seem, and the whole process can come with a whole set of unknown difficulties and problems. Imagining and designing your dream home is the best part of the process, but those tricky technical issues always seem to get in the way. This article looks at some of the best design options and important plumbing techniques to consider when building your future home and choosing a plumber near me.


Building is stressful, and there are so many important aspects to consider, such as your budget, using an original design, and finding the right contractors to suit your needs. Luckily, Plumbingways is your plumber near me ready to help you through this process. Whether you are designing your home right from the start, or perhaps even adding on to an already existing building, there are a couple plumbing options to consider which could benefit the aesthetic and functionality of your home.




Importance of Plumbing Design


When you are thinking about the look and feel of your new home, people rarely consider their plumbing options. Every design choice you make in your home building is going to affect your plumbing system and the way it needs to be installed. This is why it’s important to spend time considering your plumbing design right from the start.


Good plumbing design means creating a system which is efficient. If you can rely on a design that is going to save you energy and resources you are on the right path. Choosing a plumber near me that is going to prioritise efficiency is of utmost importance.


Plumber Near me: What does every plumbing system need?


When designing your new home it’s easy to feel the need to go all-out, but keeping your plumbing system simple is often the most effective way to save money and increase efficiency. Understanding the basics of a plumbing system will allow you to make the best choices when designing your new home and finding the best plumber near me.


In any residential home your plumbing system is typically made up of two parts, a network of pipes that supply water, and a system that gets rid of waste. All these pipes use fixtures such as taps, basins, showerheads, and toilets to connect to one another. A good system has short runs between these fixtures to keep your water running efficiently. Too many bends in the pipe system will reduce the water pressure in your home


Your plumbing system needs hot and cold water pipes to flow reliably and safely. Every plumbing system should have these installed as neatly as possible with pipe hangers that are strong enough to support them. The wastewater system in your plumbing design should include vent stacks to allow your sewage to flow properly through the sewer waste pipes.




Choosing a design that is best for your home with a plumber near me.


Understand your Individual needs


Are you building a double story house? Do you want ensuite bathrooms? A laundry room with dishwashers and washing machines? Consider how your wants and needs are going to affect the plumbing design for your new home. It’s important to do your research and know what you want while you are designing your home so that your plumbing system can be designed effectively.


Consider how many bedrooms and bathrooms you are building, and where you want things placed. Get ideas from a professional, and spend time choosing the best plumber near me to suit your individual needs. Plumbingways and Contractors offer an incredible range of services with professional and experienced staff to help you discuss and find the best available options to suit the design of your future home.


Having a clear plan and understanding of your plumbing needs will save you a lot of time during the building process. Consulting with a professional plumber near me will also ensure you stick to all the rules and regulations when it comes to installing your plumbing system.


Consider each room that needs plumbing.


Considering each room which may need plumbing is going to make the design of your residential home much easier. Create a list of each room that needs access to water and consider where you want them placed, such as the bathroom, kitchen and laundry rooms. It is also helpful to list which fixtures or appliances you will need in each room in order to budget for these too.


Placing rooms that require plumbing closer together will allow your system to run effectively. The water supply in your home runs off one system, and rooms that need plumbing are connected by this supply. If you group the rooms that need plumbing, ensuring that they are close together, you can save a lot on material and installation costs, and this will ensure your water runs efficiently.


For example, you can place your laundry room close to your kitchen, or bathrooms can be strategically placed throughout your home close to the bedrooms.


Choose plumbing options that save water, energy, and resources.


Let’s face it, building your dream home might not come with a dreamy budget! But making decisions that will save you money in the long run are worth every cent in the beginning. Designing a home and a plumbing system means thinking about the future, and choosing a design that saves water and energy is going to benefit you the most in the years to come. It’s important to take this into consideration when choosing a plumber near me.


Greener plumbing options don’t only save you money, but can have a huge positive impact on the environment. We are living in a world where clean water is becoming a scarce resource, so saving as much as you can, and limiting your impact on the environment is more important than ever. These options may seem more pricey in the beginning, but many of them are proven to save you money in the future and are definitely the best option to consider when creating your plumbing design with a plumber near me.




A few green plumbing options to consult with a plumber near me:


  • Use a green approved greywater system
  • Install a solar geyser
  • Use green approved plumbing accessories such as a low-flow shower head
  • Regularly check for pipe leaks
  • Use high quality materials and an experienced plumber near me.


When building your future home it is extremely important to prioritise quality at all times, especially when it comes to designing and building your plumbing system.Choosing cheaper contractors that use cheaper materials is not always the best option, and may end up costing you a lot more money in the future. Some materials used in plumbing erode very quickly, and cheap fixtures can easily break. Constantly replacing and repairing these areas of your plumbing system is going to take up a lot of unnecessary time and money.


Make sure you include quality materials into your plumbing design, and consult professionals with good reviews when looking for a plumber near me. Our team of professionals at Plumbinways and Contractors are experienced and committed to ensure you are getting the best quality service and materials when it comes to building your plumbing design.


For example: sometimes it is best to avoid materials such as galvanised steel which can corrode quite easily. If galvanised steel is in contact with saturated water, it can become restricted with corrosion so badly that it eventually fills the pipe completely. Poly pipe is a soft plastic pipe that is used for cold water, but it can also crack easily if not used correctly or in the right area.




Consider sharing a wet wall when designing your plumbing system.


A wet wall is the wall in your home which holds the water supply lines, vent stacks, sewer pipes and other components of your water system. Most houses have separate walls to house these components for separate rooms. They may have one wet wall for the kitchen, and another for the bathroom or laundry room.


By creating a shared wet wall when building your home you can save money. If you design the rooms in your house to be able to accommodate a shared wet wall you can save on the cost of your materials and the cost of labour. Having a shared wet wall will also allow for easy access to your plumbing system when repairs or maintenance is necessary.


Consult a plumber near me when considering sharing a wet wall to make sure you are designing a system that works best for your future home.


Access to the Main Valve


When creating your individual plumbing design it is important to include access to the main valve of your water supply system. You will need to have easy access to this in case of emergencies such as a burst pipe or water leak. By being able to quickly turn off your water supply in an emergency you can save a lot of water and prevent water damage in your home. Having access to the system’s main valve also makes regular maintenance and system checks a lot easier for a plumber near me.


Water Treatments to consider


When building a new home it may be in an area you are not familiar with. It is important to do some research into the quality and state of the water before building your new home, as there may be water issues to consider. If you are building in an area with hard water, you may need to incorporate water softeners into your plumbing design to soften the water.


The term “hard water” is used to describe water that has a high level of calcium and limestone in it. This is not necessarily harmful to drink, but it may affect the taste of your water, and cause a lime build up in your pipes, damaging your plumbing system and appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines. This can become a costly problem if you need to replace your appliances too often.


It is important to consult a plumber near me about installing a water softener before you start building your new home, as they become more difficult and expensive to install in the future. You can consider installing one as a precaution even if you don’t have hard water right now, it may be an issue which could pop up in the future. Planning ahead and putting these precautionary measures in place right at the start of your home building ensures many long-term benefits.


Consult a Plumber near me.


Plumbingways and contractors offer high quality, superior services for all your plumbing needs when building your dream home. Plumbingways services will ensure your plumbing requirements are carried out skillfully by knowledgeable professionals.