There are few things as frustrating as a foul smell in your kitchen or bathroom, especially if you can’t find the source. Blocked drains are a common cause.


Is your sink water not draining? Or perhaps it takes longer than usual to empty the basin? You might need to call a professional plumber Cape Town to fix your problem. And the sooner the better. If your clogged drain is the source of the smell, it will disappear once it’s repaired.

What Causes Blocked Drains?


The answer is simple. Drains are there to transport water. Anything else should stay out of it. Here are some items that are often washed down the drain but shouldn’t:

Coffee grounds

Contrary to popular belief, washing coffee grounds or any similar food debris down the drain is a sure-fire way to clog it up. You’ll have to get a plumber in to unblock your drain sooner than you might think. Don’t do it!

Oil and grease

Oil, fat and grease might be liquid while it’s hot but once they cool off they become solid and get stuck inside your drain and piping. The best way to dispose of oil and grease is to let it cool down completely and put it in the trash.

Leftover Food

Leftover food and veggie scraps, no matter how soft, does not belong in your drain. They might make a tasty soup but in your drain, they’ll be up to no good!

Blocked Drain? Here’s What You Should Do


Call professional plumbers in your area. Plumbing Ways offers 24/7 plumbing in Cape Town and surrounding areas. Not only are we extremely affordable — R650 to unblock your drain — but we’re also fast and efficient. We also offer extra services such as paving, tiling, painting and minor construction projects.


Stuck with a blocked drain? Give us a call today!