Ever noticed how blocked drains or toilets happen at times that are not at all convenient? You’re minding your own business, flushing the toilet and suddenly the water level keeps rising. Panic!


And, if there’s ever a reason to panic, it’s now. Visions of how your bathroom is about to flood and your flooring is about to get damaged are flashing before your eyes. What should you do? Call a plumber Cape Town.


How can you stop the toilet bowl from filling up or at least minimize the water damage?


Do This When Your Toilet Is Blocked


Before you do anything, start breathing! Now, here’s what you do next:

  1. Close the toilet flapper by removing the tank lid. (The round object that’s attached to a chain and looks like a drain stopper)
  2. Do NOT flush the toilet again!
  3. Quickly put down paper towels or newspaper to make the clean up easier.
  4. Now, call Plumbing Ways!


Do This When Your Drain Is Blocked


Blocked drains are one of the most common plumbing issues homeowners come across. Slow draining water might be a sign of a bigger issue and should be ‘handled’ straight away.


Drains accumulate dirt and grime as well as soap and hair buildup. If you don’t clean it properly it will clog up. The internet has an abundance of self-help tutorials available on unblocking your drain. But, if you’re not an expert in the field or at least have some knowledge, I’d steer clear of performing these. The use of harsh chemicals comes with the risk of inhaling toxic fumes or even worse, getting in contact with your eyes and skin.


Additionally, certain chemicals and materials don’t mix. You might end up with melt plastic pipes or worse, an explosion.


We always advise our readers to call professionals for plumbing issues like blocked drains and toilets. And at R650 only for drain unblocking, why not?


For professional and affordable plumbers in Cape Town, get in touch with Plumbing Ways today!