Reducing your monthly water usage at home is a great way to save money and play your part in water conservation. While there are numerous actions you can take to reduce your water usage, such as opting to shower rather than take a bath or taking your car to be washed at a carwash, the most effective solution to increasing household water efficiency is efficient plumbing solutions. We have highlighted 6 plumbing solutions that will make your home water efficient. When looking for a plumber near me for plumbing services for efficient water use in your home, Plumbing Ways is the expert choice.




Water Efficient Plumbing Solutions:


The plumbing in your home is a major contributor to how efficient your household water usage is. When you invest in improving your plumber for better water efficiency, you enjoy the long-term benefits of increased savings and reduced water usage. We have highlighted 6 plumbing solutions that will make your home more water-efficient.


1) Low-Flow Fixtures:


Modern plumbing is marvellous. Whenever you need a drink of water, you simply just place a glass under the running tap. Getting clean is as simple as standing under the water flowing from your shower head. Whenever you open a faucet, fresh water comes streaming out ready to be used for your cleaning, cooking, drinking, or gardening.


Water usage has become effortless, but that has created the idea that water is an unlimited supply. When we cook or clean, we are often unaware of how much water is flowing through the faucets. We have briefly outlined the amount of water used for typical household water usage activities.


  1. Washing dishes in a full sink of water can use up to 18 litres of water.
  2. A five-minute shower can use up to 80 litres of water.
  3. In one evening of cooking, up to 1 litre of water can be used.


One way to reduce the amount of water you use for daily cooking and cleaning activities is to install low-flow fixtures in your home. Low-flow fixtures for taps and showerheads reduce the flow of water through your faucets. In certain cases, low-flow fixtures can save up to half of your water usage. Installing low-flow fixtures will be an initial expense, but you will enjoy a lower monthly water bill every month.




2) Fix Leaks:


Water leaks are a major waste of water and money. A leaking toilet can waste up to 300 000 litres of water in one month and a dripping tap can waste up to 8000 litres of water in a year. Water leaks can also start leading to structural damages and health risks, which is why uncovering and fixing water leaks is so important.


Sometimes water leaks are obvious, such as finding a puddle of water around your toilet base or hearing the incessant dripping noise coming from your kitchen tap. In other cases, leaks can be hidden and can go undiscovered for months. If you notice any of these signs, you most likely have a water leak in your home.


  • An unexplainable increase in your monthly water bill.
  • The sound of running water when water is not in use.
  • Stains on your ceiling, walls, or floor.
  • The growth of mould or mildew on your ceilings or walls.
  • Damp ceilings, walls, or floors.


Water leaks are common in homes; therefore it is important to take the time to routinely check for leaks. You can perform an audit on your water usage bill and check all your indoor and outdoor water sources for any signs of a leak. If you notice any of the signs that you have a water leak, a plumber will easily fix your water leak problem so that you do not need to waste any more money or water.


3) Install a Dual-Flush Toilet:


It takes a lot of water to flush away the contents of a toilet. Older toilets are estimated to use up between 10-13 litres per flush, while more modern toilets can use around 9 litres per flush. When you start considering how many times your family will flush a toilet in a day, the amount of water your home is using for toilet flushing can quickly start to add up.


Dual-flush toilets are another low-flow fixture that you can install into your home. Dual-flush toilets have two flushing options: the 4 litre flush and the 6 litre flush. The dual-flush toilet uses less water per flush compared to conventional toilets and you have the option to choose rather than just using the same quantity of water per flush.


Dual-flush toilets were designed for water conservation. If you have an existing toilet that is leaking and cannot be fixed, consider replacing it with a dual-flush toilet. This simple plumbing procedure will help you save water and money in the long term.




4) Harvest Rainwater:


Every homeowner with a garden loves to have a verdant lawn, thriving plants, and healthy trees. During the wetter month, the watering of your garden is taken care of, but during the drier months, you will need to use a lot of water to keep your garden looking lush and inviting. One way to reduce your water usage in your garden is to install a rainwater harvesting system.




A rainwater harvesting system is designed to collect any run-off water from your roof. A channel from your house gutters will divert the rainwater into a large container where the water will be stored until you need it. This free source of water makes for the perfect choice for keeping your garden as a point of envy for your neighbours without spending extra money on water.


5) Install a Greywater System:


When you are trying to reduce your water usage in your home, one effective method is to reuse your water. Greywater, or water that has already been used for showering, bathing, laundry washing, or hand washing, is the perfect source of water for keeping your garden healthy and green or to use as the water to flush your toilets. To make your home efficient by making use of greywater, you can install a greywater system.


Greywater systems are specifically designed to redirect used water from your shower, basin, or bath plumbing into a collection tank. Greywater systems that will be used for toilet flushing will need to be treated, and the treatment process will include either a filtration system, anaerobic or aerobic digestion, or chemical disinfection. From here it can either be plumbed back into your home to use for toilet flushing. Alternatively, your greywater will be filtered and kept in an irrigation system for watering your garden.


When you install a greywater system in your home for garden watering, it is recommended to make certain changes to the personal hygiene and cleaning products you use. Most of these products contain harmful chemicals that will impact the health of the plants in your garden. By swapping biodegradable or environmentally-friendly products, you will not need to worry about any negative effects on your garden when using your greywater.


6) Instant Water Heaters:


Do you find that you have to run your taps for a while before hot water comes out? These few seconds or minutes are allowing fresh, clean water to pour straight down the drain. One way to fix this problem is to install instant water heaters in your home.


Instant water heaters, or tankless water heaters, are electric or gas-run water heaters that will heat your water immediately as it flows through the heating elements. As you open the tap, hot water will come out instantaneously. You do not need to waste time waiting for hot water, and precious water and your money is not unnecessarily flowing down the drain.




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