When you are trying to cope with the never-ending increases in your monthly expenses, a high water bill every month can push your budget to the edge. Luckily, reducing your water bill is as simple as changing to water-wise behaviours around your home. In this quick guide, we have highlighted 8 ways that you can reduce your monthly water bill. If you feel that you are trying your best to save water but you still get a shock at the cost of your monthly bill, there may be a problem with your plumbing. When you need a plumber Cape Town to assist you with plumbing problems that are pushing up your monthly water bill, Plumbing Ways will provide you with a fast and effective plumbing service.




8 Ways to Save on Your Monthly Water Bill:


If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or frustrated at the end of each month when you receive your water bill, it may be time to make some changes around your home. By embracing simple water-wise behaviours, you can drastically reduce the amount of money you spend each month on your water bill. We have briefly covered 8 easy ways that will help you save on your monthly water bill.


1) Quick Showers:


The shower vs bath debate regarding which uses more water can get heated. Naturally, a full bath will use more water than a shower, but standing in the shower for five minutes or longer can exceed the amount of water it would take to fill a standard-size bathtub. If your aim is to save water, opt for short showers of two minutes or less and keep the number of times you shower to less than two times a day. An even better way to reduce the water you use in the shower is to install a low-flow showerhead.


2) Reuse Water:


What better way to reduce the amount of wasted water in your household than to come up with innovative ways to reuse it? You cannot reuse all household water due to health risks from contaminants, so it is important to practice caution in the water that you reuse. We have highlighted safe and easy ways to reuse water in your home.


Flush Toilets with Shower Water: One way to reduce your monthly water bill is to use your shower water to flush your toilets. This requires that you keep a bucket in your shower to catch all the water while you wash, rinse, and repeat. Choose a bucket size that will catch the majority of the water whilst you shower but that also will not be too heavy to carry in between your shower and your toilet when it is full with water. We recommend choosing a bucket with a handle to make this easier.


Water Plants with Leftover Water: We all love our indoor plants to be luscious and thriving, which means tenderly pouring water into their pots every few days. Instead of filling up your watering can with fresh water, you can easily reuse water from other household activities. Your leftover water in your kid’s water bottle, the water you used to boil pasta or vegetables, and water from your aquarium when you give it a weekly clean can all be used to water your indoor plants. The water from your fresh-water aquarium and boiled pasta or vegetables will be dense with essential nutrients that your plants will benefit from.


Wash Your Car Near Your Lawn: Next time you wash your car, park it on or near your lawn. As you wash and rinse your car, the water will feed into your lawn and water it for you rather than being wasted down a drain. You do not need to worry about the car soap and your lawn as car soaps are designed to be mild and non-abrasive to protect the paint of your car which means that it is safe for your lawn.




3) Cover Your Pool:


Filling a pool will naturally be a massive drain on your water usage, but the silent killer is the need to top up your pool every month due to evaporated water. On average, a pool can lose between 2mm to 10mm of water every day, depending on factors such as heat and wind speed. A pool cover will reduce the amount of water that is evaporated out of your pool every day, allowing you to save on your monthly water bill.


4) Grow Your Lawn:


Summer can take a toll on your lawn with the heat resulting in dark brown patches and scratchy singed grass tips under your feet. This can have you running outside with your hosepipe at the end of each day to keep your lawn looking verdant. Save water by growing your grass at a higher height during the warmer months. The longer grass blades will provide the soil with shade and prevent excess water from evaporating out of the soil, keeping your grass lush while reducing your monthly water bill.


5) Load a Full Dishwasher:


Modern dishwashers are specifically designed to be water-efficient, but this water efficiency can go to waste if you are using your dishwasher for small loads of dishes. A dishwasher should only be used when every rack can be filled with dirty dishes, otherwise, you are simply using a full dishwasher water amount on a few cups and knives. Simply leave your dishes on the side until there is enough for a full load, or put on some Marigolds and scrub those few plates to a shine.




6) Place a Plastic Bottle In Your Toilet Tank:


Depending on the design and age of your toilet, your toilet can use up to 9 litres per flush. If lugging a full bucket of water from your shower to your toilet every time you want to flush is not realistic for you, then you can still save water when you flush with this nifty trick. Simply place an empty plastic bottle with the lid on in your toilet tank to reduce how much water your toilet uses for each flush.


7) Turn Off the Tap:


Running water while you are brushing your teeth, washing your face, or thawing frozen food is an easy way to increase your monthly water bill. The simple act of turning your tap off will reduce how much fresh water (and your money) is wasted down the drain each month. If you are in the bad habit of leaving the tap turned on, keep a Post-it note on the faucet to remind yourself!


8) Use Washing Machine for Full Loads of Laundry:


Washing machines mean that we can all sigh with relief that the days of stomping on our clothes or rubbing them against a washboard to get them cleaned are behind us. Despite their convenience, washing machines contribute a significant amount to our monthly water bill. The same rule of loading your dishwasher applies to your washing machine, only use it when it can be filled completely. Additionally, most washing machines come with an eco-friendly setting that will reduce the amount of water used per washing cycle.


Reasons Why Your Water Bill is High:


If you have tried all the different ways to reduce your water bill but still get a shock at the price of your bill at the end of each month, there is most likely a problem with your plumbing. We have highlighted 3 plumbing problems that are the potential reasons why your monthly water bill is high. If you think your high water bill is plumbing-related, contact a professional plumber Cape Town for expert analysis and solutions for your plumbing problems.


Leaks: Leaks are your most likely culprit for a high monthly water bill. Leaks can be noticeable, such as a constantly running toilet or a dripping tap, but they can also go unnoticed. There may be cracks in your underground water pipes or a hole in your garden irrigation system that is hard to detect but is pushing your monthly water bill into the red zone. A plumber Cape Town will come to your home and perform a leak detection test to uncover whether or not this is the cause behind your high water bill.


Outdated Fixtures and Toilets: If you live in an older home, your high water bill may be impacted by the age of your fixtures and toilets. Modern fixtures and toilets are designed to use less water, allowing you to save more money and waste less water. There are even more water-conservative options available, such as dual-flush toilets and low-flow fixtures for your taps and showerheads. Hiring a plumber Cape Town to update your fixtures and toilets will bring down your water bill over the long term.




Malfunctioning Instant Heater: An instant heater is an excellent investment for your home as it provides you with perfectly heated water instantaneously. If you find that you are having to wait a few minutes before the water coming out of your tap is hot, there may be a problem with your instant heater. These few minutes of water pouring down your drain every time you need to fill a pot with hot water or shower can be impacting the cost of your monthly water bill. Have a professional plumber Cape Town come to your home to inspect your instant heater.


Plumbing Ways Plumber Cape Town:


Plumbing Ways is your plumber Cape Town for any plumbing problems that are pushing up your monthly water bill. From leak detection to instant heater servicing and maintenance to installation of new toilets and fixtures, we can expertly assist you with any plumbing problem that may be costing you money. Our team of accredited, qualified, and experienced plumbers will provide you with the best solution to reduce the amount of money you are spending each month on wasted water.



We understand that you are trying to reduce your expenses by having your plumbing problems fixed. This is why we offer fixed rates for all our plumbing services to ensure that we are your budget-friendly solution to reducing your monthly water bill. We offer premium plumber Cape Town services at affordable prices so that you can always afford our high-quality plumbing services.


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About Plumbing Ways:


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Save on your monthly water bill with our water-wise tips and our plumber Cape Town solutions to any plumbing problems.