Plumber near me: A burst geyser is a plumbing emergency that requires immediate action to reduce the damage to your home. We have outlined the steps you can take when you are faced with a burst geyser emergency. We also have highlighted a few preventative steps you can take to ensure the longevity of your geyser and reduce your risk of a burst geyser. Plumbing Ways is the plumber near me that will assist you with replacing a burst geyser, as well as offering excellent maintenance services to reduce your risks of a burst geyser.




Signs Your Geyser Has Burst:


If you have never experienced a burst geyser before, the initial signs might be confusing and you will be unsure of what actions to take. We have highlighted a few of the critical signs that your geyser has burst. If you are uncertain about the signs and feel that there is a problem with your geyser, Plumbing Ways is the plumber near me that will accurately assist and advise you on your geyser problems.


Sign 1 – Gushing Water Out Your Geyser Overflow:


The most obvious sign that there is a problem with your geyser is water gushing out of your geyser overflow. Every geyser will have a pressure relief valve overflow pipe which will flow from your geyser and out of your house. You will most likely hear the sound of pouring water coming from a protruding PVC pipe near the top of the external walls of your house. You can typically expect to see a few drops of water coming out of your geyser overflow daily, but a steady flow of water is cause for concern.


Sign 2 – Water Seeping Through Your Ceiling:


Water seeping through your ceiling is a clear sign you have a problem with your geyser. If you walk into your home and find a puddle of water on the floor or there are drops of water falling on your head or there is a damp, brown patch on your ceiling, you need to act immediately to reduce the amount of ceiling and wall damage the water from your burst geyser will cause.




Sign 3 – Drop in Hot Water Pressure:


If you are about to jump into a bubble bath after a long workday or are busy washing the dishes after a Sunday cook-up and notice that there is a drop in your hot water pressure, this is a sign that there is a problem with your geyser. A drop in hot water pressure can signify blocked or dirty pipes, a geyser failure, or a burst geyser, and is, therefore, a sign that you should get investigated immediately by a professional plumber.


Sign 4 – Noises Coming From Your Geyser:


If your geyser is making a hissing, crackling, or clanking noise, these noises are signs that there is a problem with your geyser. The hissing or crackling noises are typically caused by steam building up in an empty geyser, which typically occurs if your geyser has burst and water is continuously flowing out of your geyser instead of being stored. The clanking or knocking noises will signify that there is a build-up of sediments in your geyser, and these can start damaging the internal walls of your geyser and lead to a burst geyser. If you hear noises coming from your geyser, it is important to not ignore these signs.


What To Do When Your Geyser Bursts:


We have created a step-by-step guide on what to do when your geyser bursts. When faced with a burst geyser, Plumbing Ways is the plumber near me to call in this plumbing emergency.


Step 1 – Turn Off Water Supply:


When you notice any of the signs of a burst geyser, you immediately need to turn off the water supply to your geyser. Find your water meter, which is typically located on an external wall and near an outside tap, and switch off the water supply into your home. This will stop the amount of water flowing into your home and reduce any possible damage caused by your burst geyser.


Step 2 – Turn Off Geyser on Electrical Board:


The next step you need to take is to turn the power off to your geyser. Locate your distribution board in your home, and there should be a switch labelled “geyser” which you must switch off. Turning off the electricity supply to your geyser will start the cooling process of your geyser, making it less of a risk of your geyser exploding and easier for the plumbers to investigate.




Step 3 – Run Your Hot Water Taps:


Running the hot water out of your burst geyser, once the water supply and electricity are turned off, is recommended. This will relieve any excess hot water pressure in your geyser and prevent the risk of your geyser exploding. If you do not want to waste any more water or increase your water bill for the month, you can run your hot water into a bath and store it for later use.


Step 4 – Call a Plumber Near Me:


A burst geyser is a plumbing emergency that needs to be handled by a trained professional. Once you have switched off the water and electricity supply to your geyser and emptied the excess water, you must then contact a plumber near me for immediate assistance with your geyser. When you need a plumber near me to offer immediate assistance for a geyser plumbing emergency, Plumbing Ways is the plumber for you.




Plumbing Ways is the first-choice plumber near me for assisting with a geyser plumbing emergency. We are specialists in handling geysers and will offer you professional assistance and immediate solutions to your geyser problems. We understand that a burst geyser can be overwhelming to handle, which is why we will handle your geyser problem efficiently and effectively to minimise the stress of the experience. Our expert team will be the plumber near me that arrives promptly in your time of need when your geyser bursts.


Step 5 – Limit Damage:


While you wait for your plumber near me to arrive, you can take some steps to prevent the damage caused by the water that has spilled into your home. If there is any water still seeping through your ceiling, we recommend placing buckets under the drips to collect the water and dispose of it in your garden. You can also wipe up any excess water on the floor to reduce your risks of floor damage.


Prevent Burst Geysers with Maintenance:


There are various reasons why your geyser has burst. A build-up of pressure, internal rusting, and a lack of maintenance are typically the main causes behind a burst geyser. Maintaining your geyser is the best preventative step you can take to avoid the stress, inconvenience, expenses, and possible house damage that can be caused by a burst geyser.


We have created a list of our top maintenance tips to increase the longevity of your geyser.


Geyser Blanket: A geyser blanket is a specifically designed geyser cover that maintains the heat of the geyser. Not only will a geyser blanket reduce your electricity costs, but it will also reduce the pressure placed on your temperature valve to heat the water and thus prevent the risk of a burst geyser.


Drip Tray: If your geyser does not have a drip tray or if the drip tray has perished or cracked, we recommend immediately installing a new one. A drip tray is important as it will catch any excess water seeping out of your geyser and protect your ceiling from water damage.


Manage Temperature: An over-heating geyser will quickly lead to a burst geyser emergency. You can regularly check the temperature of your geyser to ensure that it is maintaining a consistent temperature. We recommend keeping your geyser at a maintained 60˚C or slightly lower.


Regular Service: A geyser is one of the most important appliances in a home that will be used daily. We recommend getting your geyser regularly serviced as a service will assess the geyser safety features and pick up on any possible problems before your geyser fails or bursts. Depending on the age of your geyser, the time between each service will vary and your plumber will advise you on the best service plan to follow.


Turn Off Geyser: If you have more than one geyser in your home, but there is only one person in the house for extended periods, then you can switch off one of the geysers. If you are planning on going away for work or a holiday, we recommend switching off your geyser. These two steps will prevent the risk of a burst geyser and also save your monthly electricity expenses.


Plumbing Ways is the plumber near me that offers exceptional geyser maintenance services. We take every precaution with ensuring the geysers in your home are operating sufficiently and safely. We offer routine geyser checks where we will assess the quality of the geyser, the geyser blanket, temperature valve, drip tray, and safety features. Our plumber near me services strive to reduce your risks of a burst geyser and to save you the time, effort, and expenses of replacing a burst geyser.




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Plumbing Ways is your plumber near me that will assist you after your geyser has burst.