The advice to switch off your geyser often results in responses about geyser damage or being unnecessary from a financial or energy-saving perspective. These concerns about switching off your geyser are based on widely-known myths. We are here to debunk the common myths around switching off your geyser to highlight that this is a beneficial thing to do as a homeowner. We also demonstrate how to switch off your geyser, recommended times to switch off your geyser, and how you can benefit. When it comes to geysers, Plumbing Ways is your expert plumber Cape Town that will have all you covered.




3 Myths About Switching Off Your Geyser Debunked:


There are two distinct groups of homeowners when it comes to switching off your geyser. The first group will regularly switch off their geyser when on holiday or during their workday to enjoy the benefits. The other group of homeowners is strongly against switching off their geysers out of concern that it will cause damages to their geyser or simply because they feel it is unnecessary due to having a geyser blanket. We have debunked 3 of the most common myths about switching off your geyser so that you can confidently turn your geyser off when you need to.


Myth 1 – Switching Your Geyser On and Off Will Damage the Thermostat:


A geyser thermostat is a critical component in the heating of your geyser. Thermostats control the heating elements in your geyser by ensuring the correct temperature is reached when cold water enters the geyser, maintaining a consistent temperature level, and preventing the temperature from rising above the selected temperature. Thermostats are essentially what ensure that your bubble baths are at the perfect temperature and are also what prevent your geyser from becoming damaged.


Thermostats are highly important in a geyser; therefore, it is natural to be concerned about damaging your thermostat. This myth states that by switching your geyser on and off, you will damage your thermostat when in reality this is not the case. Your thermostat will be able to withstand being switched on and off, allowing you to enjoy the benefits without worrying about your thermostat.


Myth 2 – Switching Your Geyser On and Off Will Cause Internal Cracking:


Geysers are typically made from stainless steel with an internal insulating material, both of which are highly durable and strong materials. Geysers are designed to withstand the temperature and pressure of the heated water. By turning your geyser off and then on again, your water will only be reheated to the temperature that your geyser can withstand. This will ensure that switching your geyser on and off will not cause any internal cracking.


Myth 3 – You Do Not Need To Switch Your Geyser Off If You Have a Geyser Blanket:


Geyser blankets are additional thermal insulation that is wrapped around your geyser to prevent the loss of heat. They are therefore designed to reduce the amount of electricity your geyser uses to maintain the selected temperature of your geyser. Geyser blankets are highly recommended to homeowners as they reduce electricity consumption and therefore your electricity costs.


When homeowners have a geyser blanket, they feel it is unnecessary to turn off their geysers as the geyser blanket is helping them save electricity. Geyser blankets only assist in reducing the heat loss, not increasing the temperature of the geyser water. The electricity that geyser blankets save is only a small percentage, so by having a geyser blanket and turning your geyser off when not in use, you will experience a further decrease in your electricity consumption.


How To Switch Off Your Geyser:


If you previously were against switching off your geyser and are now convinced that there is no need to worry about unnecessary effort or damages to your geyser, you may be wondering how to switch your geyser off. Luckily, switching a geyser on and off is quick and effortless. You can simply manually turn the geyser on and off as needed.


We understand that manually switching your geyser on and off is an extra thing to do in your day. It can be easy to forget about your geyser when your mornings are a rush to get children dressed for school or you are running late for a meeting. In the evenings, you may be exhausted and cannot be bothered to switch your geyser off before collapsing into your bed. If manually switching off your geyser does not suit your lifestyle, we recommend the use of geyser timers.


Geyser timers control when your geyser switches on and off to heat your water. You can schedule your geyser timer around your daily routine to ensure you always have a steamy shower while ensuring the rest of the time your electricity bill is being reduced. Geyser timers are uncomplicated, affordable, and can be easily installed by your plumber Cape Town.




When You Should Switch Off Your Geyser:


Because switching your geyser off is easy to do and will not cause any damage to your geyser, you may be wondering when it is recommended to switch off your geyser. We have outlined a few instances for when you should switch off your geyser.


When On Holiday: It is always a good idea to turn your geyser off when going on a holiday. As your home will not be requiring any hot water when you are away, your geyser will simply be using unnecessary electricity to maintain the water temperature in your geyser. If you are going away for a weekend or longer, you should turn off your geyser to save on expenses.


When There Are Water-Shortages: If your area is prone to water shortages, it is recommended that you switch off your geyser during these water cuts. When you run a geyser but there is no cold water to replenish the used hot water, your thermostat will attempt to regulate the temperature in your geyser. This can result in the air that has been pumped into your geyser heating and increasing the internal pressure. The extra pressure in your geyser can then cause damages or a failure and therefore become a plumbing emergency.


During The Night or Day: In general, a geyser takes around two hours to heat up. You can then switch your geyser off in the hours of the day or night when you will not require hot water for showering, washing clothes, or doing the dishes. You simply turn it back on two hours before you need hot water, and turn it off again when you are done with your morning or evening routine. If you can switch your geyser on and off during the night or day in a way that suits your lifestyle, we recommend considering this option.




Benefits of Switching Off Your Geyser:


Switching your geyser off may feel like an extra effort that will not ultimately benefit you. In reality, you can help both your monthly finances and reduce your household electricity demand by switching your geyser off. We have outlined these two main benefits of switching off your geyser.


Save Money: The major benefit that you can enjoy by switching off your geyser is that you will save money. Geysers require a lot of energy to heat your water and maintain it at the recommended 60 degrees Celsius or lower. This drawing of energy places a large strain on your monthly electricity bill. By reducing the hours that your geyser is switched on, you will enjoy a reduction in your electricity expenses.


Reduce Electricity Demand: Eskom is appealing to homeowners to switch off their geysers daily when not in use to reduce the electricity demand. Every homeowner understands the frustration of load-shedding. By switching our geysers on and off when needed, we can assist in reducing the frequency of load-shedding by reducing our overall household electricity demand.


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