Water pressure is something we often take for granted when the pressure is excellent. When your water pressure drops, previously simple and quick tasks of washing the dishes, showering, or filling up your water bottle can become time-consuming and a hassle. If you are facing low water pressure in your home, read through our quick guide on the common causes behind low water pressure and the steps to take when your water pressure is low. When you need emergency plumbers near me for water pressure problems, Plumbing Ways is the 24/7 plumber that you can rely on.




Causes of Low Water Pressure:


Nothing can match the annoyance of having low water pressure at home. It can be exhausting trying to wash your hair under a dripping shower or frustrating to have your washing machine not sufficiently rinse the washing powder out of your clothes. To help you uncover the potential cause behind the drop in your water pressure, we have outlined the 5 major causes of low water pressure in households.


1) Municipality Water Supply Problem:


The first potential cause behind your low water pressure is a problem with the main municipality’s water supply. In South Africa, water supply problems are a prevalent issue for homeowners. Water supply problems stem from lack of maintenance which results in burst main water pipes, corroded pipes, and other infrastructure failures that then prevent adequate water supply from reaching your home.


In addition, if you live in a more arid region in South Africa, the dams in your area may simply not be full enough to provide adequate supply to your home. This prevents your local municipality water supplier from providing enough water to homes to maintain consistent water pressure. If you face consistent low water pressure, this may be the leading cause of the problem.


2) Semi-closed Water Shutoff Valve:


The problem that may be leading to low water pressure in your home is your household water shutoff valve. This valve is separate from the water metre valve as it is located on the exterior of your home, or sometimes inside your home, and is allowed to be controlled by the homeowners. If this valve is semi-closed, the water pressure in your home will be lower than normal.


The reasons this valve may be semi-closed is accidentally not opening it fully after returning from a holiday or having the water shut off by professionals who were doing work on your property and not correctly opened again. It is important that this valve always remains fully open when you are using water in your home. If this valve is semi-closed, this can cause a build-up in pressure in your external water pipes and result in damage.


3) Clogged Pipes:


Most homeowners are cautious about clogging their drain pipes and take adequate steps to ensure that no food, excess hair, or foreign objects get washed down the drain. While blocked drain pipes are commonly known about, few homeowners are aware that their supply pipes can also get blocked. These blockages will slowly lead to a decrease in water pressure, so it is important to take note if you are consistently feeling a drop in water pressure whilst running a bath or rinsing your hands.


The main cause behind blocked pipes leading into your fixtures is a mineral build-up. Minerals such as salt, calcium, and lime found in the water can slowly become attached to your pipes and over time result in a blockage that reduces your water pressure. This can be especially a problem if the water supplier in your area supplies hard water, which is water with a higher mineral content than normal. Rust and other sediments in the water can also build up in your pipes and cause blockages.




4) Leaking Pipe:


A major problem that may be causing low water pressure in your home is a leaking pipe. Leaking pipes are usually a problem in homes with older plumbing systems. These plumbing systems may have used steel or copper pipes, which over time may have rusted and become corroded. This will lead to the water seeping out of your pipes and dropping your water pressure.


Leaking pipes are problematic because the seeping water can lead to bigger problems for your home. The water can seep into your walls and foundation, causing damage to the structure of your home. The problem with leaking pipes is that they can result in a full burst pipe, where water will flood into consequential areas of your home.


5) Faulty Fixture:


If you are facing low water pressure in just your bathroom or kitchen, the problem may lie with the specific fixture. Your taps and showerheads can become blocked by minerals, rusted, or damaged, and this can prevent the water from flowing adequately. Faulty fixtures can be especially a problem if your home is older and the fixtures are outdated.


This is a fairly easy cause of low water pressure to fix. You simply can remove the heads of your fixtures and remove any build-up that may be preventing the water from flowing through. If your fixtures are damaged beyond repair, you may need to replace the entire fixture or call a plumber for professional assistance.




What to Do When Your Water Pressure is Low:


A low water pressure problem is not something that should be ignored. On the one hand, it can be something as simple as a problem with your municipality’s water supply, but on the other hand, it can be a signal of a major plumbing problem. To get a handle on your low water pressure problem, we have outlined the four steps you can take.


Step 1: Check your Water Shutoff Valve:


The first and easiest step to take is to check your water shutoff valve. If your water shutoff valve was accidentally closed, then you can simply just open the valve and return the water pressure in your home back to normal. The location of your main water shutoff valve will be specific to your home, but they are most commonly located near your water metre.


Step 2: Enquire with Neighbours About Their Water Pressure:


If you have checked your main water shutoff valve and the valve is fully open, your next step to take is to enquire whether this is a municipality water supply problem. Water supply problems have been an increasing problem in South Africa, so it is important that you check this option first before spending time and money on a plumber. If there is a problem with the water supply, then your water pressure should return to normal once the water is flowing again from the main supply line.


We recommend asking your neighbours about their water pressure. If you are not friendly with your neighbours, you can ask a local neighbourhood watch group or directly contact your water supplier. If you decide to contact the water supplier directly, you can additionally enquire whether or not they are actively working on the problem and an expected time frame for the problem to be solved.


Step 3: Call Emergency Plumbers Near Me:


If your neighbours have perfect water pressure, then there is a problem with the water pressure in your home. This is the point when you need to call emergency plumbers near me. Your water pressure problem may be stemming from a burst pipe or blockage in your pipes, which can lead to serious damage and health risks in your home if ignored.


Emergency plumbers near me are your best option as emergency plumbers are experts at dealing with low water pressure problems. By choosing emergency plumbers near me, you will find an emergency plumber who is closely located near your home so that they can immediately arrive to assess your low water pressure problems. While calling emergency plumbers near me will be an expense, the cost will outweigh the potential consequences of a larger plumbing problem that is ignored or simply allow you to quickly start getting back to daily tasks with normal water pressure.




Step 4: Turn Off Water Supply Until Plumbers Arrive:


After phoning emergency plumbers near me, there is one last step you can take. Return to your main water shutoff valve and turn the valve off. This will stop any water flowing into your home and can prevent any further damage if your low water pressure is being caused by a leaking pipe. Once the emergency plumbers near me have arrived, inform them that you have turned off the water supply.


Plumbing Ways Emergency Plumbers Near Me:


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