Bathroom remodels are an exciting home project. Not only will you benefit from a new bathroom that is beautiful, functional, and personalised, but a bathroom remodel can also increase the value and efficiency of your home. If you are planning a bathroom remodel, we have created a quick guide on the top 11 bathroom trends for you to incorporate into your new dream bathroom. Unfortunately, not every bathroom remodel goes to plan and things can go wrong with the plumbing and fixture fittings. If you need an emergency plumber near me to handle a bathroom remodel problem or an expert plumber for your bathroom remodel, Plumbing Ways is ready to assist.




Top 11 Bathroom Remodel Trends:


A bathroom remodel is an excellent opportunity to put your personal stamp on your primary bedroom en-suite, fix any plumbing issues in your bathroom, or upgrade your outdated bathroom to a functional and contemporary standard. While a bathroom remodel is exciting, it can become overwhelming trying to plan the best bathroom for your functional and design needs. If you are about to embark on a bathroom remodel and are looking for inspiration, read through our top 11 bathroom remodel trends.


1) Black Faucets:


Black faucets, especially matt black faucets, have been dominating bathroom remodels since 2019. Black faucets are an excellent choice for your bathroom remodel, and not just because they are trending. Black faucets will provide your bathroom remodel with an air of sophistication and modern style. No matter your overall design style in your bathroom, black is a timeless colour and will be cohesive with your entire bathroom. Black faucets are also typically more durable against surface scratches, damages, and fingerprint marks, making these a worthwhile investment for your bathroom remodel.




2) High-tech Spaces:


Most modern home remodels are moving towards increasing the efficiency of the home through smart technology solutions, and bathroom remodels are no different. High-tech bathrooms can make the space more functional and enjoyable to spend time in, as well as increase the value of your home if you are planning to sell. We have highlighted three trending ways to increase the efficiency of your bathroom through technology.


Smart Showers: Smart showers use electronics and allow you to digitally control the water temperature and water flow rate, among other features, from a touchpad in the shower, your phone, or by voice activation. Smart showers can improve your shower experience by offering you ultimate control over the water temperature and can increase the water efficiency of your home through a monitored water flow rate.


High-tech Toilets: Toilets have received some major technological advancements over the last few years. You can now own a toilet that has an automated lid, no-touch flush, specialised flushing features, seat warmers, an integrated bidet, and so much more. High-tech toilets are designed to offer improved comfort, cleanliness, and convenience to your experience.


Advanced Mirrors: Even bathroom mirrors are embracing technological upgrades. You can now invest in advanced bathroom mirrors that have embedded LED lighting, anti-fog features, smart touch, and USB charging stations. These technological additions to mirrors are more than just unnecessary ways to be fancy, they can increase the functionality of your bathroom by making getting ready for your day easier and more enjoyable.


3) Wet Rooms:


Quickly gaining popularity in modern bathroom remodels are wet rooms. A wet room in your bathroom is an enclosed and fully waterproof space that will contain your freestanding bathtub and doorless and curbless walk-in shower with a gradual slope leading to the drain. Wet rooms are an excellent choice for a bathroom remodel as they are highly functional, increase the feeling of spaciousness in your bathroom, and will incorporate luxury and sophistication into your bathroom.


4) Large Showers with Double Showerheads:


Thankfully, pokey corner showers are a thing of the past as the trends are leaning towards large showers with double showerheads in modern bathrooms. Large walk-in showers are spacious, functional, and will elevate the look and feel of your bathroom. Double showerheads will add symmetry to the space, a touch of luxury, and ensure no one is fighting over who gets to use the shower first. A larger shower can also be a better option for your bathroom remodel if space or budget is limited for including an entire wet room or freestanding bathtub.


5) Frameless Glass Shower Doors:


Most bathroom trends are working towards achieving a bathroom that is modern, spacious, and allows for a cohesive design, and nothing achieves this better than the frameless glass shower door trend. Frameless glass shower doors are seamless and sleek, allowing for an airy and refined style in your bathroom remodel. Frameless glass shower doors are also often custom designed for the bathroom, adding a bespoke touch of luxury to your bathroom space.




6) Bathroom Heating:


Almost all bathroom remodels will include tile, stone, or concrete incorporated into the design of the floors and/or walls. While aesthetically these are clean, modern, and stunning finishing options for a bathroom, they can also make your bathroom space cold. After the time, energy, and money spent on a bathroom remodel, the last thing you want is to dread using your bathroom during the chilly winter months.


One steady trend for bathroom remodels is to increase the heat sources in the bathroom. Underfloor heating and heated towel racks are popular choices to keep bathrooms comfortable and cosy. In addition, nothing speaks to luxury and functionality more than jumping out of the shower onto a warm floor and drying off with a gently heated towel.


7) Floating Vanity:




Floating vanities are stepping away from purely contemporary bathrooms and becoming a popular trend across all bathroom designs. The draw to floating vanities is the added sophistication and spaciousness they bring to a bathroom space. Not only will a floating vanity look superb, but it will also stay protected from any puddles of water on the floor and will allow for easy cleaning of your bathroom, making them both a stylish and practical choice for your bathroom remodel.


8) Freestanding Double Basins:


One trend that has been consistent over the years is the inclusion of freestanding double basins in bathroom remodels. Freestanding basins are available in a plethora of beautiful designs and sizes, allowing you to create an aesthetic moment out of a functional aspect in your bathroom. Double basins have become a must-have for homeowners as it allows two people to use the bathroom at once and can be a selling point in your bathroom for potential buyers. This trend is both design-forward and practical, making it an essential aspect to incorporate into your bathroom remodel.


9) Indoor-Outdoor Bathroom:


Indoor-outdoor living has been a steady trend for years, but bathrooms are taking this blurred lines concept to new heights. For an indoor-outdoor bathroom remodel, you can create a private courtyard off your bathroom that includes an outdoor shower or freestanding bathtub. Floor-to-ceiling glass doors that link your bathroom to your outdoor space are also an excellent way to achieve a bright, light, and natural feeling in your bathroom. If you are unable to create an indoor-outdoor bathroom due to your bathroom location, you can still create this connection through skylights positioned over your shower or bathtub in your bathroom.


10) Bold Tiles and Interesting Patterns:


Move aside white subway tiles in the running bond pattern, there are new tiles and patterns in town. Modern bathroom remodels are embracing colour, texture, pattern, and creativity through the use of unique tiles. There is especially a trend towards using handmade tiles where differences and imperfections can add an organic and custom feel to your bathroom space. This bathroom remodel trend is an exciting one as it allows you to bring your personality into your new bathroom and create a truly unique space.


11) Natural Touches:


Plants, grasscloth wallpapers, tiles that look like wood, stones surrounding the freestanding tub, bamboo features, and skylights that allow natural light to flood in – these are a few of the trending natural touches you can expect to find in bathroom remodels. The trend toward incorporating natural elements is widely spread across all home spaces, and the bathroom is not excluded. Natural touches will add warmth and freshness to your bathroom remodel, making you want to spend more time in your beautiful new bathroom.


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