Blocked drains can be a real pain. Here at Plumbing Ways, we deal with this type of thing every day. We know how tempting it is to try and fix the problem yourself but often the results are less than satisfactory. A professional plumber Cape Town will always know better. There are many products available that offer DIY blocked drain fixes but how much do you really know about these products?


Even if you manage to get your water to flow more freely, often these DIY fixes don’t last. We get so many calls from customers who tried to repair it themselves first. Not only did they invest time but also money in chemicals that didn’t work. Now, they’ll have to pay a call-out fee for us to come out when they could’ve started with us in the first place.  Here’s why DIY plumbing should be avoided at all costs.


You Don’t Have the Right Tools for the Job

The plumbing technicians at Plumbing Ways use only the best tools and technology in the industry. Without it, your plumbing problem will persist.


You Don’t Have Experience with Plumbing Issues

Plumbing isn’t brain surgery but it does require a specific skillset and experience. We work with blocked drains every day which enable us to find the root cause of your blockage fast and efficiently.


It’s Not as Expensive as You Think

If you think calling out a plumber is expensive, think again. What’s expensive is wasting money on chemicals that don’t get the job done. At Plumbing Ways we offer value for money. At R650, we will ensure your blocked drain is fixed by the time we leave.


Don’t waste your money on storebought chemicals that don’t work. Let us help you unblock your drain on the first try. Plumbing ways are open 24/7 so give us a call today!